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Oakwell tells the story of the land we now call Lower Merion: originally untouched during the Woodland period; developed as farmland during colonial times, bought to create a gentleman's farm and country home in the Gilded Age; planted to provide food for the community during World War I; developed as an arboretum that introduced trees from all over the world as was the style; and today, allowed to flourish as parkland with towering native trees, hundreds of years old, shading the property and providing homes for wildlife. 


Oakwell tells the story of the people

of our community and, really, the story of our nation:

the Lenape who were pushed out of the Delaware River basin; the settlers who originally ploughed the land for homesteads; young men who grew up here and then served in the Revolutionary Army, the Civil War and World War I; those who came to work on this property after immigrating to this country by choice or being forced onto slave ships; those who were recruited as or later became experts in horticulture and architectural design; young women who strived for meaningful careers; and those who profited during the Industrial Age and then used this land for the greater good.

In the past year, there have been several grassroots efforts to protect this property that the Lower Merion School District purchased to clear cut for auxiliary fields. 

Lower Merion High School Environmental Club - Oakwell Movement

Lower Merion Conservancy

Save Oakwell Facebook Group
for information about events and rallies.

Preserve Oakwell website 

Thank you to our sponsors who keep this website up and running!

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